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Our Services

Our clients are very much satisfied by our services as well as the product quality. When you choose Kasera Heat Exchanger Pvt. Ltd. , you will be find yourself in a good company who believes in customer´s expectations as they demand. Most of the world best known owners/managers use Kasera when they require an effective alternative to the OEM good prices and on time deliveries. Of course, these clients expect to receive a excellent service and high quality goods. That´s why they return to Kasera with repeat orders.

Chemical Cleaning

Individual Tube Pressure Testing

Mechanical Brush Cleaning

Onsite Cleaning Available

Steam Pressure Washing

Repair or provide new products

After Sales Services

Kasera Heat Exchanger Pvt. Ltd. has successfully attained global recognition and our client′s base owing to its credible after sales services. Our team of adept professionals helps in rendering repairs and maintenance services, thereby enhancing performance and productivity of our equipments. Our entire product range comes with a warranty period of one year against manufacturing defects, if any.

Besides, we offer our valuable services absolutely free of cost within the guarantee period. However, after the expiry of the guarantee period, we meet the queries and complaints of our clients on a chargeable basis.

Kasera has the expertise, experience and resources to get the job done. Services and repairs can be performed on all types of radiator and cooling products regardless of the original manufacturer.

Kasera is a leader in Services and repair. Kasera has door to door service facilities across the India and several others across Europe & Asia.

For more information on any aspect of our Heat Exchanger service and associated techniques, contact one of our local service facilities.

Contact us to get the right product at the right price !

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